Proof Reading Pricing

Proof Reading (T&C’s apply):

  1. $15 for a document of up to 20 0000 words
  2. $25 for a document of up to 50 000 words
  3. $35 for a document of up to 70 000 words
  4. $45 for a document of up to 100 000 words
  5. $10 per hour for a document of 100 000 words and more


Terms and Conditions:

  • Author to provide all documents in microsoft word format i.e. (.doc)
  • Send a version that will allow for tracking
  • Version control is extremely important, please ensure that what you send me is complete, otherwise version control becomes a nightmare
  • No refunds, unless the work is not done (due to illness or unforseen circumstances – you will be notified)
  • 5 day lead time required in order to plan my workload
  • Proof reading (spelling & grammar) only, no beta reading, copy editing etc.