New Posts – September 2017

Release Blitz: HEALED BY YOU by Christy Pastore

Release Blitz: ONE MORE THING by Lilliana Anderson

Release Blitz: DRAWN TO HIM Collection

Release Blitz: BREACHING THE CONTRACT by Chantal Fernando

Release Blitz: MELT by Carrie Aarons

Cover Reveal: DADDY DEAREST by Isabella Starling

Release Boost: HARD TIME by Kristen Luciani

Release Boost: FORGET ME NOT by Willow Winters

Cover Reveal: PUCK LOVE by Carmen Jenner

Release Blitz: SIMPLY AUSTIN by Gina Robinson (Jet City Kilt#4 Series)

 Pre-Order Blitz: TRACE & OLIVIA SERIES by Micalea Smeltzer


Release Blitz: IN TOO DEEP by Lexi Ryan (The Blackhawk Boys #5)

Release Blitz: SOMETHING WORTH SAVING by Mayra Statham

Blog Tour: CRAZY BITCH by Jamie Begley

Cover Reveal: FIGHTING THE LIES by Anna Edwards

Cover Reveal: DEVIATE by Marley Valentine

Release Blitz: SOMETHING NEW by Megan Ryder (Lone Star Match#3 Series)

Sale Blitz: THAT MAN TRILOGY by Nelle L’Amour

Release Blitz: LEGALLY OURS by Nicole French

Release Blitz: DARE YOU TO LOVE ME by Maria Luis

Release Blitz: MACON by Marie James

Cover Reveal: ONLY EVER YOU by Lisa Suzanne

Cover Reveal: CATCHING MR. RIGHT by Misti Murphy

Cover Reveal: CALL ME SIR by D.L. Hess

Cover Re-Reveal: HAVOC SERIES by Autumn Grey

Release Boost: EXPOSÉ – LUCKY NUMBER ELEVEN by Adriana Locke

Release Boost: EXPOSÉ SUGAR by Mandi Beck

Release Boost: GUARDED by R.C. Martin

Release Blitz: I WANT by Ella Fox

Release Blitz: FRATERNIZE by Rachel Van Dyken (Players Game #1)

Available now in audio: JESSE (Damage Control Series) by Jo Ravin

Release Boost: THEIR VIRGIN BRAT by SC Daiko

Release Blitz: FORGET ME NOT by Willow Winters

Release Blitz: HARD TIME by Kristin Luciani

Release Blitz: THREE EMPTY WORDS by Gen Ryan

Release Blitz: ECHOES IN THE STORM by Max Henry

Release Blitz: SECRETS BETWEEN FRIENDS by Fiona Palmer

Cover Reveal: DROWNING by Margaret McHeyzer

Release Blitz: WILD FOR YOU by Daisy Prescott

Release Blitz: LA CLAIRE KISS by Dori Lavelle (An After Hours Novel)

Release Blitz: MATCH POINTE by Amélie S. Duncan

Pre-Order Tour: RUIN ME by Bella Love Wins & Shiloh Walker

Release Boost: SUN KISSED BY THE BILLIONAIRE by Lizbeth Scott

Release Boost: CLUB THRIVE by Alison Mello