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Cover Reveal: THIS CHRISTMAS by Claire Woods



Title: All He Wants This Christmas
Author: Claire Woods
Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance/Romantic Comedy

Cover Design: J.P. Daniels

Release Date: November 16, 2017
Kids adore
Women pant after him.
When he kisses her—she hears the angels sing.
But single mom Kate Gilletti has her hands full as it is.
Falling for the hunky single dad every woman in town is hot for—is not on her
Christmas list.
So what, if the looks he gives her could melt the north
pole? She has no plans to get involved with another man who looks like sin on a
But maybe this Christmas, Kate will learn that some men are
totally worth melting for.
Authors note: This is a sweet, funny and sexy holiday read!
No Cheating, HEA with plenty of fire to melt those Kindles.
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“It’s late…”
I grab her hand, “I know…but I don’t want the night to be
“The kids are tired…”
I turn her arm over and draw circles on the middle of her
palm with my index finger.
“Jesus, man candy, we just met yesterday. What are you doing
to me?”
I answer with eyes full of promises. Dirty, hot promises you
fulfill in the dark.
She sucks in her breath; her knees shake as she tries to
take her hand back.
But I won’t let go.
Instead, I drop my face pressing my lips to her palm before
looking back up. In that moment, I make a silent promise to her—a vow that this
is going to happen someday. 
“I’m not dating, Gianni.”
“Good. There’s no one is in my way.”
“But there is…” She nods over to Luca whose
teaching Tommy how to play the video game.
“Nah, I know you’re a package deal. So are we.” I
nod over to Tommy.
“You wanna do a playdate tomorrow at my house?”
“God, I want you.”
“Slow down.”
“I can’t. It’s been so long, you get it.”
“I don’t do casual sex.”
“Oh sweetheart, it’s going to be anything but casual. I
can promise you that.”
Author Bio
Claire Woods lives in upstate New York with her dog Ginger
and a room full of books. She’s horribly shy, never misses a UFC Fight, and has
a horrible addiction to sushi and banana peppers (maybe even eating them
Books have been her means of escape. It’s been a
long-standing dream of Claire’s to travel to Australia where she hopes to
find a hot rugby player to sweep her off her feet and romance her on Bondi
Beach while petting koala’s and drinking champagne at midnight.  (this
might be her next book) 

Until then, she’ll have to write her perfect man on paper
while waiting for him to magically appear. 

You never know, stranger things have happened.

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