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Release Boost – Caveman by Jo Raven

Title: Caveman 
Author: Jo Raven 
Genre: Romance
Photographer: Eric Battershell

Model: Nick Bennett

Cover Design: RBA Designs 


Matthew Hansen is the kind of handsome that has grown women whispering behind their hands and giggling like schoolgirls.

Dark, tall and mysterious, he’s a newcomer to our little town. He’s a gritty, grease-covered mechanic, and a single daddy.

Sweet, right?

Plus he’s looking for a nanny – and I am desperately looking for a job.

Sounds like the perfect deal.

Only he’s a jerk. An uncivilized, hulking brute. Zero manners. Zero interest in making me feel welcome in his home. Downright rude.

But oh so sexy.

And I need the job. I can do this.

One thing is for sure: I can’t fall for the Caveman. No matter how sexy he is. How mysterious. How tortured.

That’s the only rule – and one I’m about to break.

There’s a bright, warm place men call home. I searched for it all my life. Thought I’d found it. Let myself roll in the warmth, believe I had reached my destination. 
But it was snatched away from me.
So here I am now, standing in the early morning, staring at nothing. The house is big, the town small, a smattering of houses and trees scattered on the plain. 
The low porch overlooks the overgrown garden, and I gaze at it blindly, not quite sure how I got here. Maybe… through a dark, winding tunnel.
Over a deep, cold sea.
Along a long road going nowhere. 
It couldn’t matter less. I’d never heard of Destiny, Missouri, in my life, and that was good enough a reason for me when I grabbed my two kids, stuffed everything I own in my truck, and drove down here. Maybe it was the name. So fucking symbolic.
So here I am. 
I don’t know what I was looking for, or running from. The beginning and the end of the road are covered in mist. Everything is hazy. I feel as if I’ve been running for ages. Centuries, maybe. 
I ran from my memories. I ran from the past. Then I ran from myself, and I still haven’t stopped. How can I? How do you escape what you’ve turned into?



I loved this book! Tatally, completely, absolutely!!!
Matt and Octavia’s story.

Octavia has dreams. In order for them to become a reality, she needs a job and money. Living in a small town doesn’t make this easy.

Matt is a single dad, in a downward spiral who needs help with his kids. After seeing Octavia, he refuses to have her as his kids nanny. He is a proper douchebag and is completely rude to her whenever he encounters her.

Octavia just wants to work, if she can’t find a job in Destiny, she will have to leave town and look for a job elsewhere. As a last resort she goes back to a place she has already enquired at. There a showdown ensues, with Matt sticking up for her and suddenly she is working for him.

He is still a dick, but leaves her to do her job. He has his own demons to fight. Octavia gets his kids under control and brings order to his home. This scares him…it means he is starting to feel again

Things go pear shaped when he finds threatening letters pinned to his front door with knives. He goes to the police and they don’t have much to go on. They are investigating though. Things spiral out of control.
More letters, that now extend to Octavia.
The one person they thought it was, turns out to be innocent. Who to look at now?

What is with Adam? The guy from up the street who has the hots for Octavia, but she just isn’t feeling it. There is something off about him, she’s just not sure what though.

In between all of this Octavia finds out stuff about herself and her family that is gut wrenching. It does help make sense of her childhood though.

So how does all of this work out? Jo brings it all together to the perfect conclusion that will have you on the edge of your seat, filled with hope, fear and even some tears.

This is an intense, angsty book that draws you in and keeps you hooked until the end. There is a HEA, but a lot has to happen before they even get there, one heck of a lot.

The characters are amazing. Octavia may be young, but she is wise beyond her years and is perfect for Matt, even if he doesn’t realise it immediately..okay, it takes a while.
Matt has demons that he is battling. He has lost so much, has closed himself off to the world, but is drowning.
Octavia takes control of his kids and slowly but surely guides him out of the darkness. He is an absolute pig at times towards her and treats her callously. She hangs in there though, even though at times she wants to give up and leave.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book to all. It is totally worth it.

Jo Raven is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, best known for her series Inked Brotherhood and Damage Control. She writes edgy, contemporary New Adult romance with sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines. She writes about MME fighters and tattoo artists, dark pasts that bleed into the present, loyalty and raw emotion. Add to that breathtaking suspense, super-hot sex scenes and a happy ending, and you have a Jo Raven® story.

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