Review – Cherished by Frankie Love


Goodreads review done by Mons

CHERISHED by Frankie Love

What a beautiful book!

I loved James and Cherished (Abigail’s) story. What two beautiful people.
It’s amazing that people know so young that they are meant to be together. I loved that aspect of this book. Fear is a prevailing issue in our lives and it gets the better of Cherished at times in their story.

James is an amazing man! He grows up fast and is wise beyond his years. He recognizes manipulation (cult) when he sees it. He keeps his head down and bides his time, while waiting for and protecting Cherished.
When circumstances beyond their control take place things take a decidedly different turn…not for the good. James makes a decision that changes things for everyone involved.

Nothing will keep these two apart, not crazy lunatics, well meaning family.

The relationship and chemistry between these two is beautiful…I lack words to explain the dynamic of these two, you have to experience it for yourself.

Get this book and experience their story for yourself. I love these mountain men, they are strong and protective and will go to the ends of the earth for their woman.

I voluntarily read this ARC and this is my honest opinion of the book as I experienced it.



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