Book Promotion- Secret Dad by Victoria Pinder


Rafe never thought the hottest night of his life would turn out to be a Morgan

There is so much drama and romance in this novel that was hard to contain. First there is Rafe’s best friend and former high school girl friend Jennifer Gonzales, who is obsessed with Peter Morgan. Second there is Rafe’s sister, Caro, who just brought home an unknown Morgan as her new boyfriend. He’s the one she’s been pining about losing for years now. Third his mother retook her job as the head maid in the House of Morgan while Peter just lost his wife in a horrible plane wreck. So Rafe knows well that the Morgan family has lots of drama attached to it and he’s avoiding it. He’s happy as a detective in Miami PD. Crime has less of a headache. So when the next case that crosses his desk is that the unknown daughter of the Morgan family’s son was kidnapped there is one immediate suspect, the deceased Mitch Morgan. Rafe walked into the house expecting to gather info and then go about his day.

He never once expected that Elizabeth Morgan was Vegas Liz or that the missing boy was his own flesh and blood. The case becomes about family, fast. He’ll do everything he can to protect Liz and their boy Brandon.

With April 24th just around the corner, the story is about to hit your ebook reader and all my links should be international now!


P.S. Reminder, if you’ve not read this series, now is your chance to get them all. The first three are in a boxed set that’s on sale till release week for 99¢. Then Secret Wish is also only 99¢. So for less than $5 you can get all three books.


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